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American Logistics LLC is a 365 all-year-round Transportation/Logistics Company, offering people-centric freight solutions. 

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Our Expedited less than truckload, or LTL, services involve delivering medium-sized freight on short timetables. American Logistics LLC expedited freight LTL division has a large and diverse delivery fleet in many locations, as well as a team of drivers with the experience to handle critical freight orders.



American Logistics  LLC provides great, competitive rates without having to sacrifice our quality of customer service. As a specialist in full truckloads, our truckload team provides unparalleled customer service and vast opportunities as we warrant the prompt and safe delivery of your products. Our competitive quotes for Full Truckload shipping services include: * Dry Van  * Refrigerated Van (Reefer) * Flatbed * Oversize Loads * Partial * Truckload * Rail/Intermodal Shipping.



By understanding your issues and anticipating your business and logistics needs, American Logistics LLC provides robust solutions that will drive value for your business.
Whatever industry sector you operate in, American Logistics LLC provides dedicated and shared warehousing and distribution operations to ensure that you can deliver your service promise to your customers.

We offer:  •Cross-Docking/Transloading  •Long/Short term Storage •Additional Security Measures •Inventory Management



American Logistics LLC Intermodal freight transport involves the transportation of freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, using multiple modes of transportation like, rail, ship, aircraft, and truck), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. The method reduces cargo handling, and so improves security, reduces damage and loss, and allows freight to be transported faster. Reduced costs over road trucking is the key benefit for inter-continental use. This may be offset by reduced timings for road transport over shorter distances.





American Logistics LLC uses a combination of company owned trucks and approved third party drayman to dray containerized cargo to/from the Long Beach Port. American Logistics LLC drayage services meet US D.O.T. Standards and operate under all F.M.C.S.A. guidelines. Our draymen are T.W.I.C. approved and UIIA Certified. We specialize in long haul drayage.

Air cargo can be shipped via express, standard, or deferred service. The urgency of your shipment will likely determine which air service you will choose. Three services are available for shipments traveling via air: express, standard and deferred.

Express Air Service

If your cargo is shipping via express air service, it will be put on a direct flight to its destination. Express is the most expensive air service.

Standard Air Service

If your cargo is shipping via a standard air service, the cargo will likely make stops at one or two airports, where the cargo either switches planes or other cargo is on/off-loaded. Standard is the most common air service.

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    Client’s Testimonial

    Our commitment to sustainability helps us reduce waste and share the benefits with
    our customers. It permeates the way we do business, driving us to innovate.

    • “American Logistics LLC,  was a vital part of our team in providing seamless support to the Federal Aviation Administration, Miami Technical Support Center in Miami, Florida for the Haiti earthquake relief operation.  We would like to acknowledge the excellent services provided during this special operation, the while team at American Logistics LLC provided customized support, extremely knowledgeable & experienced, and responsive 24/7, and did all necessary to ensure that the transportation and logistics requirements were carefully managed and controlled to exceed expectation. The team also followed and understood all U.S. Customs and Haiti customs regulations. American Logistics LLC operations support for immediate response for disaster support surpassed our expectation with their excellent services.

      Jonathan Smith
      CEO Of Fruit Fresh Company
    • “I have been doing business with American Logistics LLC ever since they opened their doors. The staff is amazing! Very helpful and considerate with a sense of urgency. Loads are 99% on time and the rates are very competitive. I look forward to doing business with them for many years to come. My clients have all come to expect the excellent shipping and handling of their merchandise that American Logistics LLC has to offer. Their expediting team makes it possible to get jobs out last minute if necessary and let us know when it has delivered.” 

      Kelly Park
      Logistics Manager - Martrex, Inc.
    • “American Logistics LLC has been a lifeline to our Company in figuring out our freight needs and costs! Their understanding of our shipping needs have been amazing! Whether we need a Flatbed, International Shipment or an LTL Shipment they always have a service to meet our needs. Most companies are only good in one area and will change pricing; American Logistics LLC has given us a system where we can get our rates and service, online, each and every time. We know our rate before we ship and shipping has never been more enjoyable. Also with the ability to warehouse product, crate, or cross dock freight American Logistics LLC has been a live saver for us. They truly do have a one stop shop program and I Strongly recommend their Company!”

      Dan Iverson,
      Office Manager | Telesupply Corporation | Oregon
    • “Working with American Logistics LLC has truly been a blessing. Over the years we have worked with several companies competing for our freight. During that time I have had a lot of concern over my shipments.  My concerns are easily managed by the reassurance and customer service I get from American Logistics LLC! Whenever I need a shipment or quote I can rest easy that they are looking out for me and my company. They explained it to me once, that they would treat us as long term business partners and not one time customers! Our company ships Full Truckloads, LTL shipments, Air Shipments, and Expedited Freight too many domestic points in the US. We religiously choose American Logistics LLC to handle our freight needs not only because of Pricing but their Communication and Customer Service, which is second to none. 

      Luis Valdivia
      Logistics Manager, Century Surfaces, Inc.

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